The Helen Renton Memorial Ride 2021

This year’s ride will take place on Saturday 14th August and will include a social stop at the end of the route for some refershments at the Laurie Arms in Haugh Of Urr.

There are 70 mile, 60 mile and 30 mile routes.

The costs of this event will be £10 / person. This will cover the cost of the pub buffet. Payable to Gill on the day of the event (don’t give her coins please).

Without commitment we need an idea of who will ride this event if they are available so we can book the numbers with the pub.

By the 9th August - Please confirm Yes or No to or text 07753 385848 (remember to supply your name). Any special dietary requirements, please let Alex know. 

Please also state which group (based on the groups below) you would prefer to set off in. The aim is to have all groups arrive at the pub at the same time of 1pm.

68 mile route

Group            Average Speed (mph)            Ride Time               Depart

1                                20.1                                3:23              09:37

2                                 19.5                                3:30              09:30

3                                18.5                                3:41                 09:19

4                                17.5                                3:53                 09:07

59 miles route  omitting Glenlee loop. 

Group                       speed                                   ride time           depart

5                                15.5                                   3:43                 09:17

29 mile route:

Group                         speed                                 ride time            depart

6                                 15 mph                               1:56                 11:04