Lockerbie 10 TT

Wednesday, August 14, 2019 - 07:00
Event Type 
CTT Club Event
Meeting point 
Dinwoodie Lodge
Race Results 

So, after a mostly wet day of mostly rain we were able to get a mostly dry time trial done. It was fairly warm with only light winds across the course.

We were fortunate to have four excellent volunteers who did a great job of keeping things running smoothly, safely and cheerfully. Many thanks to Alistair Ross, Colin Watson, Alex Ure and David Keenan.

Our DCC 10 mile handicap league tables will be updated and finalised shortly, showing who has won for senior men, for V50+ men and for women. 

Thanks to David Keenan for the photos here.

Here are the times (Dumfries CC unless stated):

Harris Coupland Fechan Flyers 24:53
Ian Gilbert 26:07
Gordon McNeil 24:57
Stuart Garner 25:53
Donald McCalley 27:48
Brian Morrell 25:04
Gill McNeil 26:42 (1st F)
Craig Gibson 23:29
Kev Jamieson Fechan Flyers 22:57 (3rd M)
Esther Hamill 27:18 (2nd F)
Gary Jamieson Fechan Flyers 22:09 (1st M)
Cameron Scade 22:48 (2nd M)
Alistair Woodman Team Swift DNS mechanical

Gill McNeil, C Watson, K Plummer +1