Wed 10th Apr 2019, 19:00
Event Type CTT Club Event
Race Results
Dumfries Cycling Club's midweek time trial season began earlier this evening. Sunny and with lighter winds than we've been used to lately, not even a set of traffic lights at the usual start and finish area could dampen the early-season enthusiasm of the 14 riders. The roadworks led to the course being shortened slightly to 9.2 miles, starting and finishing at Drummuir Farm.

Great to see another rider making his TT debut and also to welcome others returning to action after time away from competition. Encouraging performances from all the riders means that early-season optimism can keep bubbling away for a while yet!  

Massive thanks to officials Donald McCalley, Andrew Parker, Garry Collins and Andrew Parker who kept things running smoothly and safely.  

Here are the times: 

Emma Westmancott 28:10 (2nd F)
Martin Brown 24:53
Stephen Spellacy 23:24 (3rd M) 
Neil Pearson 24:09
Callum Leuscher 25:32
Brian Morrell 24:30
Gavin Church 22:03 (1st M)
Alex Ure 25:34
Cameron Scade 22:19 (2nd M)
Richard Colbeck 23:58
Brian Young 24:11 
Gill McNeil 25:47 (1st F)
David Holland 23:52
Graeme Cross 26:44

Wed 24th Apr 2019, 19:00
Event Type CTT Inter-club Event
Race Results

2019 DG League Lockerbie 10 (10.01 miles) DG League Round 1, 19:00 on 24th April

Here are the results from DGL1 this evening. They are not yet categorised into divisions. It was really great to have 33 riders starting and a particular pleasure to welcome so many riders new to the DG League. It was great to have you all there.

A special mention goes to Douglas Watson of GTR-Return To Life on his outstanding new course record time of 20:16 on a cold and blustery evening. 

Thanks to Brian Morrell, Cameron Scade, Andrew Parker and Mike Warbeck for helping run the event. The next event in the series is at Annan on 15th May.

For full results go to: 

Wed 1st May 2019, 19:00
Event Type CTT Club Event
Race Results

Fechan flyers open 10m TT results:

Gordon McNeil 26:10
Donna Irving  33:06
Wendy Hamilton 33:35
Craig Wellburn  27:02
Phil Thompson 25:53
Jimmy Macdonald  25:56
Alex Ure  27:21
Gill McNeil 27:23 (1stFemale)
Stephen Spellacy 24:58
Brian Morrell  26:10
Stewart Garner  27:30
David Gibbons 27:04
Sandra Proudfoot 32:04
Donald McCalley 29:04
Martin Coopland 25:06
Stephen Barbour 32:28
Sam Barbour 31:10 (1st youth)
Neil Wthington 24:09 (2nd male)
Craig Gibson 24:32 (3rd male)
Kev Jamieson  25:39
John Graham 30:17
Dougie Collinge  28:17
Colin Watson 30:36
Alan Lawrie 26:09
Paul McQueen 27:19
Emma Westmancott  30:49 (3rd female)
Martin Brown 27:40
Marie Marshall  32:24
Caroline Gaunt 28:21 (2nd female)
Harris Coupland  26:05
Leighn Chambers 25:47
Gary Jamieson  23:32 (1st male)

Sun 12th May 2019, 09:00
Event Type CTT 'A' Event
Race Results

For Results of Loch Ken Open TT and Velo Veritas Race Report please click on the links.

Download DCC report 

Wed 15th May 2019, 19:00
Event Type CTT Inter-club Event
Wed 22nd May 2019, 19:00
Event Type CTT Club Event
Race Results

A bumper field of 24 riders took the start at this evening's Lockerbie 10. It's a very popular course and conditions were good this evening, if a little windy from the west. We saw some excellent performances throughout the field. Grateful thanks to Andrew Parker, Richard Colbeck, Gavin Church and Allan Hewitt for their help in putting on the event.

Next week we're off to Ecclefechan for the third round of the DG League, hosted by Fechan Flyers. 

Here are the times tonight (Dumfries CC unless stated):

Emma Westmancott 28:26
Martin Brown 25:09
Gordon McNeil 24:57
Alex Ure DNF
Stephen Spellacy 23:54
Kev Jamieson (Fechan Flyers) 23:18 (2nd M)
Brian Morrell 25:21
Gill McNeil 25:51 (2nd F)
James MacDonald (Fechan Flyers) 24:45
Hazel Smyth (Fechan Flyers) 27:13
Martin Coopland (Condor RC) 24:12
Mark Anderson 24:07
Craig Wellburn (Fechan Flyers) 25:44
Donald McCalley 27:47
Stuart Garner 25:42
Colin Little 27:19
Craig Gibson 23:25 (3rd M)
Andrew Parker 23:27
Esther Hammill 25:40
Alistair Woodman (Team Swift) 21:46 (1st M)
Jamie Little (CRT) 23:32
Cameron Scade 23:29
Carolyn Gaunt (Fechan Flyers) 26:37 (3rd F)
Leighn Chambers (Fechan Flyers) 25:14

Wed 29th May 2019, 19:00
Event Type CTT Inter-club Event
Race Results

23 Riders braved some pretty miserable conditions on Wedneday evening. Fastest on the course was Gary Jamieson with a time of 23:56. For full results go to DG League Round 3. Many thanks to Micky Warbeck & Fechan Flyers for organising.

Wed 5th Jun 2019, 19:00
Event Type CTT Club Event
Race Results

Great effort from all those who came along to ride or help at our Merckx time trial this evening! Some lovely old bikes mixed with some swanky newer ones. Everyone got a Belgian-themed prize, the most spectacular of which went to Gavin 'The Cannibal' Church for setting the fastest time. I'm not sure who got the bottle of mayonnaise...

Thanks to Shaun Wylie, David Holland and Stephen Spellacy for helping out.  

Here are the times (Dumfries CC unless stated): 

Brian Morrell 21:23

Paul McQueen (Hoddom Velo) 18:55

Richard Colbeck 18:35 

Neil Pearson 17:15 

Robert Mackenzie 20:35 

Donald McCalley 19:45

Gavin Church 17:13 

Jamie Little (CRT) 17:25

Wed 12th Jun 2019, 19:00
Event Type CTT Club Event
Race Results

It's June. The shivering riders and wooly-hatted timekeepers would fool you into thinking it's March, but no, it's June! A gusty north-easterly wind was a feature of this evening's 17.5 mile Park Farm hilly TT. It was overcast but dry!

Despite the tricky conditions we had some fast times. Gavin Church led the way again with a superb 43:31 on his first time on the course. Craig Gibson and a resurgent Stephen Spellacy battled for the remaining podium positions, with Gibson bettering Spellacy's time by just 8 seconds. Meanwhile, McNeil and Frances Butler continued their season-long battle, with McNeil stopping the clock 13 seconds before Butler.

It's always brilliant to welcome new riders to our events. On this occasion Ian Gilbert of Hebridean CC (turning a fixed gear along with Neil Pearson tonight) and Mike McKay joined us for the first time. The hilly course seems to have really suited McKay in particular!

Massive thanks from all the riders must go to officials Gordon McNeil, Esther Hamill, Stuart Garner and Shaun Wylie for their help tonight.

Club handicap tables will be updated shortly. Here are the times from tonight (DCC unless stated):

Callum Leuscher 48:37
Ian Gilbert (Hebridean CC) 52:42
Richard Colbeck 47:55
Stephen Spellacy 45:25 (3rdM)
Frances Butler 52:19 (2ndF)
Gavin Church 43:31 (1stM)
Mike McKay 46:08 
Gill McNeil 52:06 (1stF)
Cameron Scade 46:18
Craig Gibson 45:17 (2ndM)
Neil Pearson 48:19
Donald McCalley 53:05

Wed 26th Jun 2019, 19:00
Event Type CTT Inter-club Event
Race Results

17 riders arrived ready to join battle on the testing Beattock 25 course last night. The warm, sunny evening with only light winds allowed for some good times on a course that, in its present somewhat worn condition, is not a particularly 'fast' one. 

Gary Jamieson of Fechan Flyers and Gavin Church of Dumfries CC battled it out at the top of the timesheet, with Gary just nicking the win by 3 seconds in an impressive time of 59:02. Frances Butler of Dumfries CC was fastest female. 

Well done to all those who took part. 

Round 5 is on 24 July, hosted by Fechan Flyers. 

Full results:

League Standings:

Wed 24th Jul 2019, 19:00
Event Type CTT Inter-club Event
Race Results

The results from this evening's 10 at Ecclefechan are now up on VeloLeague (link below) along with the updated standings in each division. Thank you very much to Fechan Flyers and their small army of volunteers for hosting and doing such a fine job of it yet again.

There were 16 riders tonight, with a number of riders going faster than they ever have before on this tough course. We were joined again by Douglas Watson of GTR-Return To Life, who set the fastest time - a splendid new course record of 20:40.

The final round of the series is on 28th August, jointly hosted by all the DG League clubs, on a course starting and finishing at Glencaple.

Take a look at the full results:

Wed 31st Jul 2019, 19:00
Event Type CTT Club Event
Race Results

This evening's 10 mile time trial was well-attended, despite thunder, lightning and heavy rain arriving on the course unnervingly close to start time. Fortunately, the skies cleared and only the far end of the course was left soaked with patches of standing water.

Thanks from all the riders to our excellent team of helpers this evening: Robert Mackenzie, Graham Abrines, Martin Brown, Shaun Wylie and Craig Gibson.

Here are the times (DCC unless stated):

Gary Jamieson Fechan Flyers 22:48 (1st M)
Emma Westmancott 29:33 (2nd F)
Stuart Garner 26:45
Gordon McNeil 25:06
Gill McNeil 27:04 (1st F)
Donald McCalley 28:13
Ian Gilbert 26:15
Colin Little 28:12
Cameron Scade 24:20 (3rd M)
Brian Morrell 25:18
David Holland 25:30
Kevin Jamieson Fechan Flyers 24:02 (2nd M)
Jamie Little Classic Racing Team 24:46

Sun 4th Aug 2019, 10:00
Event Type TLI Event
Race Results

Despite the overnight thunderstorm and torrential rain, the New Abbey Gallup TLI race was graced with warm sunshine on Sunday morning. The forecast did put off some entrants but they missed out as all 3 races headed off round the classic coastal loop in ideal conditions. The field included many top riders from Scotland and the north of England so even with reduced numbers the racing was full on. 

Race 1 was won by Martin Lonie of NuuN Sigma Sports with Calum McVie second and local rider Gavin Shirley of Dooley's winning the sprint for third place. 

Race 2 was won by top Scottish TT rider, Douglas Watson of GTR Return to Life with Barry McGurk in second and David Dalziel in third. Special mention to Dumfries Cycling Club rider Craig Gibson whose solo breakaway was only caught by the bunch just before the line, chapeau! 

Race 3 was won in style by Graham Mercer of Icarus racing, Derek McMillan in second and local rider Rob Nicholson from Classic Racing in third. 

Thanks go to all the marshals and helpers on the day, much appreciated and essential to allow these races to take place.


Wed 7th Aug 2019, 19:00
Event Type CTT Club Event
Race Results

Here are the results from the FF 10m TT on the Hoddam course on Wednesday 7th August:

1. Gary Jamison 23:10
2. Kevin Jamison 24:07
3. Craig Gibson 24:55
4. Harris coupland 25:50
5. Gordon McNeil 26:06
6. Callum Luescher 26:16
7. Ian Gilbert 27:20 (single speed)
8. Stuart Garner 27:52
9. Gill McNeil 28:09 (female 1st)
10. Donald Mccalley 28:58

Many thanks to Fechan Flyers for organising.

Wed 14th Aug 2019, 07:00
Event Type CTT Club Event
Race Results

So, after a mostly wet day of mostly rain we were able to get a mostly dry time trial done. It was fairly warm with only light winds across the course.

We were fortunate to have four excellent volunteers who did a great job of keeping things running smoothly, safely and cheerfully. Many thanks to Alistair Ross, Colin Watson, Alex Ure and David Keenan.

Our DCC 10 mile handicap league tables will be updated and finalised shortly, showing who has won for senior men, for V50+ men and for women. 

Thanks to David Keenan for the photos here.

Here are the times (Dumfries CC unless stated):

Harris Coupland Fechan Flyers 24:53
Ian Gilbert 26:07
Gordon McNeil 24:57
Stuart Garner 25:53
Donald McCalley 27:48
Brian Morrell 25:04
Gill McNeil 26:42 (1st F)
Craig Gibson 23:29
Kev Jamieson Fechan Flyers 22:57 (3rd M)
Esther Hamill 27:18 (2nd F)
Gary Jamieson Fechan Flyers 22:09 (1st M)
Cameron Scade 22:48 (2nd M)
Alistair Woodman Team Swift DNS mechanical