Merckx TT on Wedneday 5th June 1900 at Glencaple

For many years, the UCI wished to 'protect' cycling from advances in design and technology that the UCI believed to be a threat to the heritage and ethos of the sport. Part of the impact this had was in the resetting of the world hour record in 1997 from Boardman's 1996 'superman' effort to that set by Eddie Merckx in Mexico City in 1972. Anyone wishing to break the restored 'new' record would have to do so using similar equipment and a similar position to Merckx. Innovative designs like Obree's self-built bike would no longer be tolerated. Chris Boardman (pictured below) attempted to better the Merckx Hour at the end of his career. He beat the distance set by Merckx by just 10 metres!

In recognition of the 'Merckx Hour', the following items of newfangled cycling sorcery are banned for this event:

⚫️Overshoes (unless it's really really raining)
⚫️TT helmets. Commonly used 'aero' road helmets are fine.
⚫️TT bikes. Road bikes with 'aero' design features are fine.
⚫️Clip on TT bars
⚫️Disc wheels. Deep section carbon wheels are fine if you have them and want to use them.

The event will be an individual time trial. Spot prizes will be awarded at the judges' discretion, including for the following items:

⚫️Woolen jerseys and shorts
Leather shoes and ️toe clips
⚫️Tubular tyres worn round the shoulders
⚫️Fixed gear bicycles
⚫️Bikes of noteworthy age and/or provenance

*All equipment used must be in safe and roadworthy condition and a we expect you to wear a helmet.*

Please note that all of this is just for fun and prizes are at the judges' discretion. It's still a competitive TT, though, and you'll want to ride fast. Eddie certainly would!

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