Saturday Club Runs

Normally there will be up to four groups on a Saturday club run however, this will depend on the number of riders who turn up on the day. From Saturday 2nd March there will be an additional Short Route Group. For more information please see below.

Start times are:

09:05 for the SHORT ROUTE GROUP (pace determined by the slowest rider)

09:10 for GROUP 1 (19 mph+ group, slower in winter)

09:15 for GROUP 2 (18 mph group, slower in winter) 

09:17 for GROUP 3 (17 mph group, slower in winter) 

09:20 for GROUP 4 (13-15 mph group)

Meet at Queen of the South Arena car park, Lochfield Road, Dumfries. Routes for Saturday club runs are displayed in advance on website - anyone planning to attend should take note of the route! For long runs (70 miles+) alternative start times may be advertised.

Routes for Saturday Club runs will normally be published the Wednesday beforehand.


Group 1 is normally a fast-paced ride and although not a race riders will be tested in this group in the spirit of friendly competition. Chain-ganging will feature so you will need good bike handling, skills and fitness. Don't worry if you’re gapped off, as the group will be constantly checking on each other and give you a couple of opportunities to rejoin. If a rider starts to struggle, this should be communicated to the rest of the group and a decision to drop back to the following group should be made.

GROUP 2 and 3

Group 2 and 3 will typically have riders who have been training for a good part of the season and who have increased and maintained their stamina and strength.  In these groups there will be team-work as with group 1 but perhaps not as ‘competitively’.  Nonetheless bike handling skills and riding in a group will be needed. A good tempo for fitness will normally be set. As with all groups in the Club, communication is essential especially if the Group decide to ride in a chain-gang or if someone is not feeling so good that day.


Group 4 is a good place to join the club having as it does, experienced riders who can give advice and encouragement in a non-competitive ride. This group will not be ridden at the same pace as the other groups but endurance and a level of fitness will still be important. Group 4 will tend to ride approximately between 35 and 45 miles and a route will be discussed before departure.


From Saturday 2nd of March there will be a Short Route group which will set off at 0905. This group will ride at a pace determined by the the slowest riders. Routes will differ slightly from those cycled by the main groups above, and are likely be around 35-40miles in length and may if desired include a cafe stop.

Advice to members

Pot-holes are a hazard in both summer and winter. Please continue to point and alert fellow cyclists but above all everyone should be vigilant.

For those relatively new to club cycling remember Sections 163 and 213 of the highway code - cars should pass at a SPD (safe passing distance) but this is not always possible on changing road widths so do communicate as a group. Please be courteous when possible acknowledging good, patient driving from motorists.

Rules 59-82 of the Highway code are for cyclists. Riding two abreast is acceptable but single file may be needed especially when the road narrows to single track. Please communicate oncoming traffic and ‘tail’ traffic amongst your group.

There are rarely occasions when it is necessary to change a route during a ride. Therefore members are reminded to stick to the posted ride.

3rd Party Insurance

Riders must be covered by personal 3rd party Insurance (This is available through Cycling UK, British Cycling, CTT or TLI).