Races and Time Trials

COVID 19 risk assessment protocols will be in place and riders must follow these requirements. Relevant details of these will be emailed to entrants. 

  • No entry on-the-line. Enter and pay in advance using the Form provided. Entry closes at 6pm on the day before the event. 
  • Riders must collect number at least 15 minutes prior to start and return them after riding to be sanitised. 
  • The race secretary or race timekeeper may decide starting order or it will be done in order of signing on.
  • All riders must co-operate with arrangements to help the timekeeper. No times will be announced on the night. 
  • All riders must wear a helmet throughout event. NO HELMET - NO RIDE will be strictly enforced.
  • All riders have a working rear light. This will also be strictly enforced.
  • Riders must be covered by personal 3rd party Insurance (This is available through Cycling UK, British Cycling, CTT or TLI).
  • At all times riders must obey the rules of the road (e.g. give way to oncoming traffic at roundabouts etc).
  • Do not ride dangerously or "head down" and do not make "u" turns or loiter at start or finish lines.
  • The 5 mile TT is a total handicap event where the fastest rider in the 10 mile time trials starts on scratch, each rider's handicap is their best 10 mile time trail of the season subtracted from the scratch rider's time and divided by 2.
  • NOMINATED OFFICIALS: If you cannot make it on your date it is your responsibility to arrange a replacement or swap.


Event Officials / Volunteers

Club Volunteers nominated to help run each of our events are indicated in the calendar.  Please take careful note of any events that you have been nominated to look after and ensure that you check what you are being asked to do on the night.  Please contact the race secretary if you have any questions.

For any further info regarding forthcoming TTs etc please get in touch with the race secretary.