Time Trial 2018 League Table

Dumfries CC Club Confined (18-25m Handicap League) 2018

DCC 18-25 League18-Apr09-May23-May20-Jun27-Jun18-AugTotal
(best 3 scores count)
ParkEcclefechan 20 (shortened to 11.5m)Beattock 25Loch KenGlencapleLoch
Farm 18 CANCELLED25Ken
Glencaple 25Open
R Acklam-109120
G Church2-1012
R Colbeck 124128
G Collins 6219
G Cross-
S Garner2696924
C Gibson1021087828
E Hamill77
W Hannay-
D Jordan 72817
K Johnstone--
C Kirkpatrick426
S Laurie929624
C Little
G Marland55
D McCalley3245413
R McIntyre-
Gill McNeil325
Gordon McNeil33
B Morrell525616
A Parker5712
J Phillips-44
N Pearson227312
C Scade22
H Smyth2-1012
J Sturgeon235
E Westmancott88
S Wylie 88
  • Best 3 scores count tbc
  • - denotes first ride at this distance, setting a PB time to qualify for future points
  • 2 points for each rider who took part in the shortened event at Ecclefechan

Dumfries CC Club Confined (10m Handicap League) 2018

DCC 10 League11-Apr25-Apr16-May30-May13-Jun25-Jul01-Aug08-Aug22-Aug29-AugTotal
Best 7 of 10Collin DGL GlencapleC&T GlencapleDGL GlencapleLockerbieDGL LockerbieKirklandLockerbieGlencapleEcclefechan
R Acklam385236532
C Black 257
J Brown-
M Brown-10919
G Church-78823
R Colbeck 2147
G Collins 614617
R Clyde-
S Garner
C Gibson795104109757
W Hannay-945422
E Hamill36211
D Holland-10717
K Johnstone106824
D Jordan 858324
D Keenan66
C Kirkpatrick 7411
S Laurie969=7774651
C Little
R MacKenzie-10515
G Marland213
D McCalley272=2=8526
R McIntyre-109=928
Gill McNeil11529
G McNeil42=73319
B Morrell11
A Parker5611
J Phillips-99
N Pearson112
K Plummer99
C Scade639
G Scott -
H Smyth -1010
D Spalding -1010
J Sturgeon22
C Watson-10515
G Watson -
E Westmancott431988336
  • Best 7 of 10 count
  • - denotes first ride, to set a PB time and qualify for future points