Please help! Race secretary needed

Evening All, Our newly formed committee held its first meeting on Monday. We welcomed John Minto and Keith Paul as new committee members, there is always room on the committee for new members if anyone is interested in having a say about the running of the club. 

Bruce Laidlaw has taken on the role of club secretary and we thank Dave Niblock for his services over the years. 

One position which has not been filled is that of race secretary. Without someone in post it is very difficult for us to organise any time trials or races. If anyone is keen to take on this role then we would be delighted to hear from you. 

It would be easy to say that no race secretary means no races but so many people came along and enjoyed the TTs that Cameron organised last year. 

The committee felt that we could aim to put on a series of TTs again in 2022 but those who enjoy taking part will have to come forward and help. We propose that one person take responsibility for organising one TT. We, the committee, would complete risk assessments and obtain police permission. The person responsible for their particular TT would organise signs and volunteers. 

If no one comes forward to help then they just won’t happen which would be an enormous pity as the midweek TTs have been a fundamental part of our club for many years. 


We shall wait to hear from you.