Summer Solstice Reliability Ride Report

Reliability is not a word that describes the performance of group 3 (18.5mph) on yesterday's Reliability Ride! Two crashes, two punctures and three riders abandoned. Dave Niblock & Andrew Niblock (Group 1-2) with Glenn Marland missed out the Glenlee loop as a result of  Dave's heavy tumble just after New Galloway and very kindly rode straight back to Haugh of Urr with him. This meant that group 3 arrived at the Laurie Arms 40 minutes behind schedule with only 3 of the 9 riders that had set off from the QoS Arena and were very lucky to get any lunch!

Meanwhile Group 5 (15.5mph) who maintained a reliable steady pace and were not put off by being overtaken by Group 3 twice, achieved the objective with a punctual arrival at the Haugh. Groups 1& 2 decided to combine at the start and averaged just below 19.5 arriving at 1302. Well done Guys!

Special mention must be made of Dave Moss who arrived at the start late on account of a puncture and set off in pursuit of the non existent group 4 before anybody could call him back. Discussion ensued about the title of least reliable rider for Mossy but the lone rider's heroic attempts to catch the phantom riders of Group 4 are the stuff of legends (within DCC at least), so we will leave the riders of Group 3 to argue among themselves for the title!

All in all, though, a great ride on a fine summer's day, through beautiful scenery with some good company…. can't beat it!