Collin 10

Wednesday, August 4, 2021 - 19:00
Event Type 
CTT Inter-club Event
Race Results 
1 Jon Paul Dinnin DCC 28:49
2 Grant Young SV 27:48
3 Donald McCalley DCC 28:07
4 Chris Little DCC 27:39
5 Colin McCann DCC 27:48
6 Stewart Thom SV 28:00
7 Rebecca Saunderson SV 26:57 (1stF)
8 John Sturgeon DCC 25:08
9 Brian Morrell DCC 25:34
10 Cameron Scade DCC 23:31 (3rdM)
11 Craig Gibson DCC DNS Apols.
12 Graham Hollinger DCC 22:06 (1stM)
13 Ryan Cano DCC 23:27 (2ndM)
1) We need volunteers to help at our remaining midweek time trials. Last night at Glencaple we were left a bit short. Everyone who has taken part in one this year has agreed to help if required. So, if you haven't already done so, please add your availability to the Volunteer form here as soon as possible:
It's much better to have a shared responsibility where everyone lends a hand, otherwise the people who do help eventually get fed up and then we can't have these events.
2) Assuming we have volunteers to run it, you can now enter next Wednesday's midweek 10 mile TT (4/8) using this form:
3) Pay your £3 or £4 here. For clarity: for each ride, £3 goes to CTT, the governing body for time trials. The club gets a nominal £1 from the guest riders.